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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aristophanes, 12 books
Raymond Hull, 4 books
Wright, Michael, 4 books
Gerald Clifford Weales, 3 books
Joan Herrington, 3 books
Gary Garrison, 3 books
Wallace Shawn, 3 books
Irving Brant, 3 books
Jeffrey Sweet, 3 books
Sam Smiley, 2 books
Jessica Blank, 2 books
Leroy Clark, 2 books
Claude Bonnefoy, 2 books
Katherine Saltzman-Li, 2 books
Clem Martini, 2 books
Gerald C. Wood, 2 books
Richard Bausch, 2 books
Arthur Miller, 2 books
Mel Gussow, 2 books
Boyd, Brian, 2 books
Gatti, Armand., 2 books
Glenn Alterman, 2 books
Louis E. Catron, 2 books
John Louis DiGaetani, 2 books
David Edgar, 2 books


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