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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert B. Parker, 18 books
Julia Spencer-Fleming, 13 books
Martin Walker, 10 books
Karin Slaughter, 9 books
Michael McGarrity, 9 books
Stuart Woods, 9 books
Reed Farrel Coleman, 9 books
Michael Brandman, 8 books
Joan Hess, 7 books
Jean Hager, 6 books
Patricia Daniels Cornwell, 6 books
Pearce, Michael, 5 books
Susan Oleksiw, 5 books
Anne Wingate, 5 books
Sándor Kopácsi, 4 books
Lisa Unger, 3 books
Nora Roberts, 3 books
James D. Doss, 3 books
Otwin Marenin, 3 books
S. H. Baker, 3 books
Robert Graysmith, 3 books
Richard W. Helms, 3 books
Fred Vargas, 3 books
Stephanie Gayle, 3 books
Jodi Picoult, 3 books


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