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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Antonio Bruschini, 2 books
Larry Langman, 2 books
Nicolò D'Amico, 1 book
Marta Belluscio, 1 book
Howard Hughes, 1 book
Rubin, Martin, 1 book
King, Neal, 1 book
Roberto Blanco Pazos, 1 book
Nicole Hahn Rafter, 1 book
James Robert Parish, 1 book
Carlo Rotella, 1 book
Phil Hardy, 1 book
Ramón Espelt, 1 book
Michel Ciment, 1 book
R. Curti, 1 book
Max Décharné, 1 book
Gerald Grote, 1 book
Mariolina Diana, 1 book
Fabrizio Luperto, 1 book
H. B. Warner, 1 book
Michele Raga, 1 book
Elmer Clifton, 1 book
Oliver Drake, 1 book
Samo Hung, 1 book
Biao Yuan, 1 book


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