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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward de Bono, 17 books
Elizabeth Crary, 10 books
Rebecca Wingard-Nelson, 9 books
Sidney Jay Parnes, 6 books
Scott G. Isaksen, 6 books
Stephen Krulik, 6 books
Arthur Whimbey, 6 books
John Eric Adair, 6 books
Ross, John A., 5 books
Donald J. Treffinger, 5 books
Alfred S. Posamentier, 5 books
Lewis, William E., 5 books
David H. Jonassen, 5 books
Peter Sellwood, 5 books
Ann Roper, 5 books
Harold Sackman, 5 books
Janine Amos, 5 books
Dan Roam, 5 books
Gerald Nadler, 5 books
Arthur B. VanGundy, 5 books
Don Koberg, 5 books
Mervin Laverne Keedy, 5 books
Shirley Hoogeboom, 5 books
Arthur M. Nezu, 5 books
Stephen I. Brown, 4 books


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