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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George E. Atwood, 4 books
Maria Torok, 4 books
Robert D. Stolorow, 4 books
Peter Fonagy, 3 books
Gerhard Adler, 3 books
Carl Gustav Jung, 3 books
Nicholas Rand, 3 books
R. F.C. Hull, 3 books
Abraham, Karl, 2 books
Nagera, Humberto., 2 books
William Kerrigan, 2 books
Joseph Sandler, 2 books
Karl Abraham, 2 books
Hillman, James., 2 books
Marie-Louise von Franz, 2 books
Oscar Zarate, 2 books
Joseph H. Smith, 2 books
Brian Daines, 2 books
Angelina Perrett, 2 books
Mary Target, 2 books
Tomas Geyskens, 2 books
Christopher Shelley, 2 books
Donna M. Orange, 2 books
Marie-Luise von Franz, 2 books
Humberto Nagera, 2 books


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