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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Neva Coyle, 4 books
Jeane Eddy Westin, 3 books
Victoria Moran, 3 books
Dorie McCubbrey, 3 books
Edward E. Abramson, 3 books
Kim Chernin, 2 books
Doreen Virtue, 2 books
Susie Orbach, 2 books
Geneen Roth, 2 books
Judith S. Beck, 2 books
Joyce D. Nash, 2 books
John Jansen, 2 books
Phillip M. Sinaikin, 2 books
Richard B. Stuart, 2 books
Jennifer J. Ashcroft, 1 book
Barbara DeBetz, 1 book
Ben H. Douglas, 1 book
Jerry L. Walke, 1 book
David R. Ware, 1 book
William M. Macleod, 1 book
Marcia Germaine Hutchinson, 1 book
Paul J. Gelinas, 1 book
Jon Perlow, 1 book
Edna Schneider, 1 book
Bill B., 1 book


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