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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur E. Jongsma, 4 books
Brian Daines, 4 books
Peter Fonagy, 3 books
George E. Atwood, 3 books
Teri Pichot, 3 books
Yvonne M. Dolan, 3 books
W. Gaebel, 3 books
P. Falkai, 3 books
Robert D. Stolorow, 3 books
Kim M. Kostere, 2 books
Frederick H. Kanfer, 2 books
Judith Rothman Schore, 2 books
Linda Gask, 2 books
Jane Smith, 2 books
John M. Robbins, 2 books
E. Mark Stern, 2 books
Frank Farrelly, 2 books
Mark E. Stern, 2 books
David E. Scharff, 2 books
Daniel H. Angres, 2 books
Harvey B. Milkman, 2 books
David Pilgrim, 2 books
Bernard D. Beitman, 2 books
Arthur Freeman, 2 books
Alan S. Gurman, 2 books


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