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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Xueqin Cao, 3 books
Yan, Chongnian., 1 book
Qiu, Yuan, 1 book
Wanlong Zheng, 1 book
Zheng, Tianting, 1 book
Xu, Ke, 1 book
Zhang, Dachun, 1 book
Tu, Shen, 1 book
Leo Ou-fan Lee, 1 book
D. E. Mungello, 1 book
Chun-shu Chang, 1 book
Jun Jiang, 1 book
Guang Shi, 1 book
Changling He, 1 book
Lianhai Ji, 1 book
Yangbi Wu, 1 book
Yuewen Wang, 1 book
Yuxiang Hao, 1 book
David E. Mungello, 1 book
Wei Ping Chen, 1 book
Feiwosicun, 1 book
Weiyang Zi, 1 book
Judith T. Zeitlin, 1 book


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