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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ann Braybrooks, 2 books
Georgie Ripper, 2 books
David McKee, 2 books
Chinatsu Watanabe, 2 books
Kath Vickers, 1 book
Sonia Sander, 1 book
Linda Aspen-Baxter, 1 book
Sean Callahan, 1 book
David Whitfield, 1 book
Daisy Meadows, 1 book
Aberjhani, 1 book
Mary Mills, 1 book
Lloyd John Ogilvie, 1 book
Patricia Armentrout, 1 book
Allan Fowler, 1 book
Jane Cabrera, 1 book
Erica Silverman, 1 book
Bettina Ling, 1 book
George Ella Lyon, 1 book
Hasbro, 1 book
E. C. Krupp, 1 book
Maud Johnson, 1 book
Gary Rees, 1 book
Nancy Dowd, 1 book
Sheila Sweeny Higginson, 1 book


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