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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ken Deshaies, 34 books
Charles J. Jacobus, 7 books
Mark A. Munizzo, 6 books
George Gaines, 5 books
David Coleman, 5 books
Dennis S. Tosh, 5 books
Linda L. Crawford, 4 books
George Gaines, Jr., 4 books
Jack P. Friedman Ph.D., 4 books
Lisa Musial, 4 books
Ralph A. Palmer, 4 books
William B. Rayburn, 4 books
Wellington J. Allaway, 3 books
Robert Kyle, 3 books
Zvi Lerman, 3 books
Ray Brown, 3 books
MILLER, 3 books
David S. Coleman, 3 books
Thomas E. Battle, 3 books
GELTNER, 3 books
Eric Tyson, 3 books
Jack P. Friedman, 3 books
Martha R. Williams, 3 books
Joseph E. Goeters, 3 books
John W. Reilly, 3 books


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