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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Irwin, 18 books
Gary W. Eldred, 11 books
Andrew James McLean, 10 books
Jack Cummings, 10 books
Wade Cook, 8 books
John T. Reed, 8 books
Donald Trump, 8 books
Mary Alice Hines, 8 books
Alvin L. Arnold, 8 books
Peter Conti, 7 books
S. A. W. Stevenson, 7 books
Stephen E. Roulac, 6 books
Michael C. Thomsett, 6 books
Tyler Gregory Hicks, 6 books
Ralph R. Roberts, 6 books
Ken McElroy, 6 books
William Bronchick, 6 books
Robert Shemin, 6 books
Frank Gallinelli, 5 books
Stuart Leland Rider, 5 books
Steve Berges, 5 books
Robert G. Allen, 5 books
Jay P. DeCima, 5 books
Gaylon E. Greer, 5 books
Douglas A. Gray, 5 books


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