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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen King, 5 books
Henning Mankell, 5 books
Reinhardt Jung, 4 books
Craig Silvey, 4 books
Peter P. Blanchard, 4 books
David Guterson, 3 books
Catherine Anderson, 3 books
George Ella Lyon, 3 books
Joyce Carol Oates, 3 books
Scott Frankel, 3 books
Kanae Hazuki, 3 books
Marilyn Pappano, 2 books
Laura Dower, 2 books
Debra Webb, 2 books
Karen Hawkins, 2 books
Michael Finkel, 2 books
Tomoko Hayakawa, 2 books
Philip Reeve, 2 books
E. L. Doctorow, 2 books
Rabih Alameddine, 2 books
Betsy Cromer Byars, 2 books
Eric Rickstad, 2 books
Philip R. Craig, 2 books
Daniel Kraus, 2 books
Kami Garcia, 2 books


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