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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rudolf Steiner, 9 books
Charles François Dupuis, 8 books
Iamblichus, 7 books
Manly Palmer Hall, 5 books
Rahner, Hugo, 4 books
Fellows, John, 4 books
Edgar Wind, 3 books
Richard Reitzenstein, 3 books
Vittorio Macchioro, 3 books
Manly P. Hall, 3 books
Edouard Schuré, 3 books
Dupuis, 3 books
H. A. A. Kennedy, 2 books
Spence, Lewis, 2 books
Alfred Firmin Loisy, 2 books
Marvin W. Meyer, 2 books
S. Mayassis, 2 books
Thassilo von Scheffer, 2 books
Elaine K. Gazda, 2 books
Samuel Angus, 2 books
Paul François Foucart, 2 books
Louis Bouyer, 2 books
Timothy Freke, 2 books
John Matthews, 2 books
Caitlin Matthews, 2 books


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