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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roxanne Rustand, 4 books
Irakli Makharadze, 3 books
Brenda Minton, 3 books
Mike Flanagan, 3 books
Rebecca Winters, 3 books
Sibyl Hancock, 2 books
Jillian Hart, 2 books
Ty Murray, 2 books
Baxter Black, 2 books
Judy Christenberry, 2 books
Victoria Chancellor, 2 books
Jill Gregory, 1 book
Linda Winstead Jones, 1 book
Roxann Delaney, 1 book
Debbi Rawlins, 1 book
Joanna Wayne, 1 book
Lynnette Kent, 1 book
Nelson, Lee., 1 book
Brenda Jackson, 1 book
Cathy McDavid, 1 book
Janet Tronstad, 1 book
Allison Leigh, 1 book
Marin Thomas, 1 book
Mary Leo, 1 book
Lily Burana, 1 book


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