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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Murray Tinkelman, 3 books
Marin Thomas, 3 books
Willard H. Porter, 3 books
Lynn M. Stone, 3 books
Baxter Black, 3 books
Judy Alter, 3 books
Sam Savitt, 3 books
Tina Leonard, 2 books
Lynnette Kent, 2 books
Roxanne Rustand, 2 books
James W. Fain, 2 books
Edna Walker Chandler, 2 books
Barbara J. Berry, 2 books
Stephen A. Bly, 2 books
Liza Alexander, 2 books
Henry V. Larom, 2 books
Catherine Anderson, 2 books
Sue L. Hamilton, 2 books
M. Peschke, 2 books
Douglas Kent Hall, 2 books
Ronald Koertge, 2 books
Victoria Carlyle Weiland, 2 books
Mike Flanagan, 2 books
Gary Paulsen, 2 books
Robin Johnson, 2 books


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