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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Walter Pater, 7 books
Sylvain Trudel, 6 books
Janet Evanovich, 5 books
Gilles Gauthier, 5 books
Alexandre Dumas, 5 books
Henry James Jr., 4 books
David Baldacci, 4 books
Louise Leblanc, 4 books
Chrystine Brouillet, 4 books
James Patterson, 4 books
Celsus, 3 books
Jelle Wytzes, 3 books
Léon Levrault, 3 books
Eric Flint, 3 books
Mohamed Habib Hamed, 3 books
Thomas B. Costain, 3 books
Hans-Josef Klauck, 3 books
Clive Cussler, 3 books
Stuart Woods, 3 books
Élise Turcotte, 3 books
James Fenimore Cooper, 3 books
Marie-Francine Hébert, 3 books
Pierre Chuvin, 3 books
James Rousselle, 3 books
Nebojša Jovanović, 3 books


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