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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mandy M. Roth, 5 books
Jaide Fox, 4 books
Stella Price, 4 books
Audra Price, 4 books
Marie Morin, 3 books
Anya Bast, 3 books
Ashley Ladd, 3 books
Rebecca York, 2 books
Shelley Munro, 2 books
Sylvia Day, 2 books
Laura Hickman, 2 books
Michelle M. Pillow, 2 books
Sahara Kelly, 2 books
Elisa Adams, 2 books
B. J. McCall, 2 books
Liddy Midnight, 2 books
Kimberly Zant, 2 books
Jennifer Colgan, 2 books
Shizuko Lee, 2 books
Amanda McIntyre, 2 books
C. S. Chatterly, 2 books
Tracy Hickman, 2 books
Eugenia Riley, 1 book
Christine Feehan, 1 book
Susan Kearney, 1 book


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