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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Philippe Gille, 7 books
Charles Asselineau, 5 books
Fortunat Strowski, 3 books
Théophile Gautier, 3 books
Henri Chabouf, 3 books
Philippe Burty, 2 books
Stendhal, 2 books
Albert Béguin, 2 books
Léon Cellier, 2 books
Camille Latreille, 2 books
J. Robert Barth, 1 book
Paul Smith, 1 book
Louis Maigron, 1 book
W. H. Auden, 1 book
Maurras, Charles, 1 book
D. G. Charlton, 1 book
Friedrich Gundolf, 1 book
Michaud, Guy, 1 book
Werner Kohlschmidt, 1 book
Pierre Salomon, 1 book
Douglas Bush, 1 book
Malka Locker, 1 book
Henri Guillemin, 1 book
René Canat, 1 book
Glyn Tegai Hughes, 1 book


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