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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Nolting, 6 books
Ernest Hemingway, 4 books
Simon Chapman, 3 books
Russell E. Train, 3 books
Philip Briggs, 3 books
Peter Allison, 3 books
Allen Bechky, 3 books
Brown, Michael G. M.D., 3 books
Claire Baranowski, 3 books
Wilbur Smith, 2 books
Allen Say, 2 books
Christiaan Bakkes, 2 books
Dave Varty, 2 books
Peter Hathaway Capstick, 2 books
Dean Witter, 2 books
Noel Polk, 2 books
Hyun-dong Han, 2 books
P. Jay Fetner, 1 book
Taylor, Jane, 1 book
Kathryn Hulme, 1 book
Pete Turner, 1 book
Günter Ziesler, 1 book
Prokosch, Frederic, 1 book
Isak Dinesen, 1 book
Pam Rosenberg, 1 book


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