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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vera B. Williams, 3 books
Marilyn Gould, 3 books
Steve Kemper, 2 books
Michael Dahl, 2 books
William Jaber, 1 book
Hanneke Struyck, 1 book
Whitehead, Peter., 1 book
Jeremy Case, 1 book
Jenny Tyler, 1 book
Brock, Ray, 1 book
Axel Scheffler, 1 book
Phil Roxbee Cox, 1 book
Ben Sharpe, 1 book
Keltie Thomas, 1 book
Ruth Dr Westheimer, 1 book
Zac Sandler, 1 book
Neil Bibbins, 1 book
David Spiller, 1 book
Rebecca Elgar, 1 book
Timothy O'Shei, 1 book
Bob Woods, 1 book
L. Harris, 1 book
Armand J. LaBerge, 1 book
Tony L. Larson, 1 book


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