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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Louis Stevenson, 50 books
James Boswell, 29 books
Sir Walter Scott, 28 books
Thomas Carlyle, 23 books
Eyre-Todd, George, 18 books
Maurice Lindsay, 12 books
Hamish Whyte, 9 books
David Alec Wilson, 8 books
Crawford, Robert, 8 books
Isobel Murray, 7 books
Douglas, George Brisbane Sir, bart., 7 books
Trevor Royle, 7 books
David Daiches, 7 books
Douglas Dunn, 7 books
Naomi Mitchison, 7 books
Angus MacVicar, 6 books
John Burnside, 6 books
Hogg, James, 6 books
Lavinia Derwent, 6 books
Bruce, George, 5 books
James Anthony Froude, 5 books
Laing, David, 5 books
Campbell, Ian, 5 books
Gifford, Douglas, 5 books
Moray McLaren, 5 books


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