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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Serra, 5 books
David Sylvester, 4 books
David Finn, 3 books
Henry Moore, 3 books
Alan Bowness, 3 books
Ann Temkin, 3 books
Eckhard Schneider, 3 books
Sidney Geist, 2 books
Anthony Radcliffe, 2 books
Chris Stephens, 2 books
Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, 2 books
Constantin Brancusi, 2 books
Lynne Cooke, 2 books
Anthony Caro, 2 books
Alexander Soper, 2 books
Donald Kuspit, 2 books
Rosalind Krauss, 2 books
Benjamin Buchloh, 2 books
Richard Long, 2 books
George T. Noszlopy, 2 books
Molly Higgins, 2 books
Jan Avgikos, 2 books
Gotz Adriani, 2 books
Fiona Waterhouse, 2 books
Martin Kippenberger, 2 books


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