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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Colin Lewis, 7 books
Lawrence J. Fennelly, 5 books
S. S. Agaian, 4 books
P. J. Ortmeier, 3 books
Bill Phillips, 3 books
Rudolf L. Van Renesse, 3 books
Randall I. Atlas, 3 books
United States. General Accounting Office, 3 books
Carl Hammer, 2 books
Katja Franko Aas, 2 books
Junius Podrug, 2 books
G. M. Heal, 2 books
Issy Boim, 2 books
K. Lee Lerner, 2 books
John G. Voeller, 2 books
Bruce Schneier, 2 books
Li Wang, 2 books
Dale L. June, 2 books
Martha Baer, 2 books
C. A. Roper, 2 books
Timothy Giles, 2 books
Benjamin Müller, 2 books
Vivian Capel, 2 books
Richard S. Kuhlman, 1 book
Chris E. McGoey, 1 book


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