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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Havelock Ellis, 12 books
Lonnie Barbach, 11 books
Allen J. Beck, 9 books
Larry Townsend, 9 books
Nancy Friday, 9 books
Anne Hooper, 8 books
Susie Bright, 8 books
Nigel Cawthorne, 8 books
Patrick Califia-Rice, 8 books
Barry W. McCarthy, 8 books
Michael S. Kimmel, 8 books
March Hastings, 7 books
Jacobo Schifter, 7 books
Barbara Keesling, 7 books
Tristan Taormino, 7 books
Michael A. Messner, 7 books
D. H. Lawrence, 6 books
Iwan Bloch, 6 books
Steven Zeeland, 6 books
Josh McDowell, 6 books
Janet Bode, 6 books
Alex Buchman, 6 books
Richard Labonté, 6 books
Shere Hite, 6 books
Robert N. Butler, 6 books


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