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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Weaver, 8 books
John Metcalf, 8 books
Alan Maitland, 3 books
Geoffrey Ursell, 3 books
Lynch, Gerald, 3 books
George Bowering, 3 books
Leon Rooke, 3 books
Rudy Wiebe, 3 books
Aritha Van Herk, 3 books
Wayne Tefs, 3 books
Dan Yashinsky, 2 books
Sandra Campbell, 2 books
Muriel Whitaker, 2 books
Nurjehan Aziz, 2 books
David Staines, 2 books
Ronald Caplan, 2 books
Margaret Atwood, 2 books
Rhea Tregebov, 2 books
Stuart McLean, 2 books
Matt Cohen, 2 books
Fred Cogswell, 2 books
Claude Lalumière, 2 books
Ven Begamudré, 2 books
Richard Rosenbaum, 2 books
Andrew Garrod, 2 books


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