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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Walker, 5 books
Charles A. Leocha, 4 books
Bob Sehlinger, 2 books
Kylie Burns, 2 books
Katrin Barth, 2 books
Michael Kayson, 2 books
Isobel Rostron, 2 books
Abby Sher, 2 books
Diane Slezak Scholfield, 2 books
James Kitfield, 2 books
Bill Kunkel, 2 books
Seth Masia, 2 books
Arnie Katz, 2 books
Charles Leocha, 2 books
Neil McKenty, 1 book
Leonard A. Loudis, 1 book
Amy Sandrin, 1 book
John Crossingham, 1 book
Peter Hardy, 1 book
David Gonzales, 1 book
Christian Williams, 1 book
Robert E. Leach, 1 book
Ejnar Eriksson, 1 book
Bobbie Kalman, 1 book
Henry Brewis, 1 book


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