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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zygmunt Bauman, 13 books
Susan Sontag, 12 books
Roman Espejo, 12 books
Manuel Castells, 11 books
Arthur Kroker, 11 books
Pierre Bourdieu, 11 books
Helga Nowotny, 11 books
Peter Aggleton, 11 books
Bryan S. Turner, 10 books
Louise I. Gerdes, 10 books
Armand Mattelart, 10 books
Albert H. Teich, 9 books
Arthur Asa Berger, 9 books
Simon Kuper, 9 books
Albert Einstein, 9 books
Paul Virilio, 9 books
Steven Seidman, 9 books
Ivan Illich, 9 books
Thomas L. Friedman, 9 books
Chris Rojek, 8 books
Philippe Breton, 8 books
J. M. Ziman, 8 books
Steve Fuller, 8 books
Gary Alan Fine, 8 books
Javier Esteinou Madrid, 8 books


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