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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Ritzer, 13 books
Kenneth Allan, 8 books
René König, 5 books
Jean Baudrillard, 5 books
Edgar Morin, 4 books
Florestan Fernandes, 4 books
Charles Hunt Page, 3 books
Robert King Merton, 3 books
Patricia Uberoi, 3 books
Irving Louis Horowitz, 3 books
Richard Quinney, 3 books
David Ashley, 3 books
Xuyi Liu, 3 books
Scott, John, 3 books
Juan Carlos Agulla, 3 books
Mike Gane, 3 books
Dirk Käsler, 3 books
Chacon, Vamireh., 3 books
Emre Kongar, 3 books
Roger A. Salerno, 2 books
Edward LiPuma, 2 books
William A. Pearman, 2 books
David Michael Orenstein, 2 books
Ludwik Krzywicki, 2 books
Anne Humpherys, 2 books


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