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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Al Green, 4 books
Otis Redding, 4 books
O'Jays (Musical group), 4 books
Stuart Cosgrove, 3 books
Aretha Franklin, 3 books
Marvin Gaye, 3 books
James Brown, 3 books
Ruben Molina, 3 books
Sharon Jones, 3 books
Chris Handyside, 2 books
Rochelle Larkin, 2 books
Marc Taylor, 2 books
Bill Dahl, 2 books
Ian Hoare, 2 books
James Dickerson, 2 books
Denene Millner, 2 books
Sam Cooke, 2 books
Ralph Tee, 2 books
Hal Leonard Corp., 2 books
Lauryn Hill, 2 books
Nelson George, 2 books
David Nowell, 2 books
Sue Sharma, 2 books
Arnold Shaw, 2 books
Robert Pruter, 2 books


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