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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anthony Horowitz, 25 books
H. I. Larry, 25 books
Jingyi, 22 books
Ally Carter, 13 books
Robert Muchamore, 13 books
Giovanni Paolo Marana, 12 books
Nigel West, 11 books
George Edward Stanley, 10 books
Elizabeth Lenhard, 9 books
Singer, Kurt D., 8 books
Bill Myers, 8 books
A. J. Butcher, 7 books
Richard Wilmer Rowan, 7 books
Yasuko Aoike, 7 books
Ben Macintyre, 7 books
Ronald Seth, 7 books
Bernard Newman, 6 books
Deborah Abela, 6 books
Peter Roop, 6 books
Allen Dulles, 6 books
Viktor Suvorov, 6 books
Oleg Kalugin, 6 books
Elizabeth Singer Hunt, 6 books
Charles Higson, 6 books
Gordon Brook-Shepherd, 6 books


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