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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Claire Blanche-Benveniste, 6 books
Pam Bourgeois, 5 books
Pierre Merle, 4 books
Marina Yaguello, 4 books
Shaina Malkin, 4 books
Michel Levieux, 3 books
Françoise Mougeon, 3 books
Dominique G. Côté, 3 books
Cindy Hazelton, 3 books
Georges Dor, 3 books
Jürgen Eschmann, 2 books
Benoît Melançon, 2 books
Gaston Mauger, 2 books
Catrine Carpenter, 2 books
Adrienne., 2 books
Eleanor Levieux, 2 books
Luc Nisset, 2 books
Anita Berit Hansen, 2 books
David M. Stillman, 2 books
Claire Miquel, 2 books
Rory Ryder, 2 books
Eliane Kurbegov, 2 books
Ziggy Kambuts, 2 books
Derek Utley, 2 books
Jacques Cellard, 2 books


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