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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clair Bee, 9 books
Rich Wallace, 7 books
Fred Bowen, 5 books
Margaret Hillert, 5 books
Joseph Bruchac, 4 books
Leonard P. Kessler, 3 books
Matt Christopher, 3 books
Rod Handley, 3 books
Jake Maddox, 3 books
Joy Wilt Berry, 3 books
Potter, Stephen, 2 books
Angela Leeper, 2 books
Frank J. Sileo, 2 books
Gail Donovan, 2 books
Pierre de Coubertin, 2 books
Larry Dane Brimner, 2 books
Anne Capeci, 2 books
Maya Ajmera, 2 books
Suzy Kline, 2 books
James McEwan, 2 books
Marc Tolon Brown, 2 books
Sue Barraclough, 2 books
Michael Regan, 2 books
Global Fund for Children (Organization), 2 books
Nancy E. Krulik, 2 books


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