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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barbara Taylor Bradford, 6 books
Miller, Julie, 4 books
Erica Spindler, 4 books
John Katzenbach, 4 books
Lisa Jackson, 3 books
Julia London, 3 books
Margaret Daley, 3 books
Sandra Brown, 3 books
Dana Marton, 3 books
Liane Moriarty, 3 books
Janet Evanovich, 3 books
Dean Ray Koontz, 3 books
Christian Jungersen, 3 books
Bill Pronzini, 3 books
Nancy Mehl, 3 books
Laurelin Paige, 3 books
Lucy Monroe, 3 books
Michael Prescott, 2 books
Brenda Novak, 2 books
Vicki Lewis Thompson, 2 books
Carla Cassidy, 2 books
Katherine Sutcliffe, 2 books
Kendra Norman-Bellamy, 2 books
Electa Rome Parks, 2 books
Shirlee McCoy, 2 books


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