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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lyn Le Grice, 5 books
Louise Drayton, 4 books
Keisuke Serizawa, 4 books
Joanne Malone, 4 books
Theodore Menten, 4 books
Marie Monteith Sturmer, 4 books
Adele Bishop, 3 books
Sandra Buckingham, 3 books
M. P. Verneuil, 3 books
Mira Bartok, 3 books
Jill Visser, 3 books
Lucinda Ganderton, 3 books
Carol Belanger Grafton, 3 books
Jane Gauss, 3 books
Patricia Meehan, 3 books
Helen Barnett, 2 books
Jim Boleach, 2 books
Murakami, Motohiko, 2 books
Melanie Royals, 2 books
Andrew White Tuer, 2 books
Roberta Ray Blanchard, 2 books
Jane Thomson, 2 books
Harry Leroy Hiett, 2 books
Janet Waring, 2 books
Susanna Kuo, 2 books


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