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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Plutarch, 68 books
Marcus Aurelius, 28 books
Cicero, 25 books
Seneca the Younger, 16 books
Epictetus, 13 books
Ida Maria Lipsius, 7 books
Diogenes Laertius., 5 books
Jean Brun, 5 books
Ilaria Ramelli, 5 books
Brad Inwood, 4 books
Max Pohlenz, 4 books
Pohlenz, Max, 4 books
Edwyn Robert Bevan, 4 books
A. A. Long, 4 books
Joseph Moreau, 3 books
Guillaume Du Vair, 3 books
Michel Spanneut, 3 books
Festa, Nicola, 3 books
Edward Vernon Arnold, 3 books
Robert Drew Hicks, 3 books
Super, Charles William, 3 books
Émile Bréhier, 3 books
Richard Sorabji, 3 books
John M. Rist, 3 books
Pierre Hadot, 3 books


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