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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Patty Hansen, 5 books
Irene Dunlap, 5 books
Jeff Keuss, 5 books
Lia Sloth, 5 books
Mario Herrera, 3 books
Verdene Ryder, 3 books
Robert S. Feldman, 3 books
Diane Pinkley, 3 books
Marjorie B. Harter, 3 books
John N. Gardner, 2 books
Caroline Schacht, 2 books
Katharine Jackson, 2 books
Terri Munroe, 2 books
Jack Bainter, 2 books
Dana Aguilera, 2 books
James T. Sears, 2 books
Nancy Wehlage, 2 books
Linda A. Mooney, 2 books
Jack J. Bainter, 2 books
Denis Mongon, 1 book
John Friesen, 1 book
Peter Ewell, 1 book
Harold Silver, 1 book
Judith Preissle, 1 book
Bonnie Nygard, 1 book


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