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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kaye Morgan, 9 books
Parnell Hall, 5 books
Will Shortz, 5 books
Cheryl, L Kirk, 4 books
Andrew Heron, 3 books
Nikoli Publishing, 3 books
Frank Longo, 3 books
Alastair Chisholm, 2 books
Charles Timmerman, 2 books
Rafael Sirkis, 2 books
Michael Rios, 2 books
Seymour S. Block, 2 books
Jason Rosenhouse, 2 books
Nick Afka Thomas, 2 books
Henry Ernest Dudeney, 1 book
Francis Heaney, 1 book
Mark Huckvale, 1 book
John Pazzelli, 1 book
Alan Stillson, 1 book
Lynette Long, 1 book
Gerry Thompson, 1 book
Terry Stickels, 1 book
David Bodycombe, 1 book
Michael Mepham, 1 book
Puzzler Media, 1 book


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