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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Benny Goodman, 2 books
Michael Zwerin, 2 books
Hal Glatzer, 2 books
V. Vale, 2 books
Kevin Whitehead, 2 books
Hall, Fred, 2 books
Stanley Dance, 1 book
Sheila Tracy, 1 book
George Thomas Simon, 1 book
Hugues Panassié, 1 book
Bob Inman, 1 book
Joel Dinerstein, 1 book
Otto Bender, 1 book
Kerstin Rathgeb, 1 book
L. Evans, 1 book
Paul Eduard Miller, 1 book
Julie Koerner, 1 book
Matt Dukes Jordan, 1 book
Bill Milkowski, 1 book
Wilson, John S., 1 book
Gunther Schuller, 1 book
Hal Leonard Corp., 1 book
Louis Prima, 1 book
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, 1 book
Lee Evans, 1 book


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