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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kate Ruttle, 111 books
Richard Brown, 99 books
Teacher Created Materials, 49 books
Katie Kubesh, 15 books
Kimm Bellotto, 15 books
Gill Budgell, 14 books
Niki Mcneil, 14 books
Jean Glasberg, 12 books
Kate, Ed. D. Kinsella, 8 books
Kevin, Ed. D. Feldman, 8 books
Colleen, Ph. D. Shea-stump, 8 books
Bill Gillham, 6 books
Barbara Hojel, 6 books
Juliet Partridge, 6 books
Ginger Guy, 6 books
Gerald Rose, 5 books
Timothy V. Rasinski, 5 books
William H. Elson, 5 books
Helen Cook, 5 books
Christine M. Keck, 5 books
Nancy D. Padak, 5 books
Morag Styles, 5 books
Robert B. Cooter, 5 books
Grace Hallworth, 4 books


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