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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Johnson, David W., 8 books
Robert J. Stahl, 3 books
Robert E. Slavin, 3 books
Richard DuFour, 3 books
Larry K. Michaelsen, 3 books
L. Dee Fink, 2 books
Nancy Frey, 2 books
Virginia DeBolt, 2 books
Dennis M. Adams, 2 books
Chuck Wiederhold, 2 books
Lorna Curran, 2 books
William Glasser, 2 books
Jerry Rottier, 2 books
Lorene Kluge, 2 books
Carol Chase Thomas, 2 books
Colin Biott, 2 books
Tori Haring-Smith, 2 books
John Grisham, 2 books
Thomas Fox, 1 book
Karen I. Spear, 1 book
Jeanne Stone, 1 book
Peter Roth, 1 book
Spencer Kagan, 1 book
Elizabeth F. Barkley, 1 book
Ruth Federman Stein, 1 book


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