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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 23 books
Rafael Amaya, 7 books
Sophocles, 5 books
Kevin Feige, 4 books
Lope de Vega, 4 books
Eduardo Zamacois, 3 books
Clint Eastwood, 3 books
Julio Medem, 3 books
Guillermo del Toro, 3 books
Fran Walsh, 3 books
Carlos Fuentes, 3 books
David Kirschner, 3 books
Carlos Bolado, 3 books
Pitipol Ybarra, 3 books
Gustavo Loza, 3 books
Matthew Vaughn, 3 books
Peter Jackson, 3 books
Ridley Scott, 2 books
Alexander Payne, 2 books
Hal B. Wallis, 2 books
Brackett, Charles, 2 books
Eric Pearson, 2 books
Oscar Wilde, 2 books
Kate McMullan, 2 books
Richard B. Lewis, 2 books


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