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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Kitchiner, 6 books
Hilton Lewis, 4 books
Robin Scagell, 4 books
James Muirden, 4 books
Patrick Moore, 4 books
Albert Van Helden, 3 books
Thomas Dick, 3 books
Larry D. Barr, 3 books
Larry M. Stepp, 3 books
Robert K. Tyson, 3 books
William Frederick Denning, 3 books
John Frederick William Herschel, 3 books
Sir David Brewster, 2 books
Peter Barlow, 2 books
Antonio Favaro, 2 books
P. V. Mi͡ursepp, 2 books
Smith, Thomas, 2 books
Paul N. Hasluck, 2 books
Antony Cooke, 2 books
Tom Jackson, 2 books
Sue French, 2 books
Vasco Ronchi, 2 books
Neale E. Howard, 2 books
Henry E. Paul, 2 books
Francesco Lana Terzi, 2 books


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