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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Riggs, 18 books
Chuck Barris, 5 books
Earl Hamner, 4 books
Mark Miano, 4 books
Lois Winston, 4 books
Garry Marshall, 4 books
Don Hewitt, 3 books
Dina Appleton, 3 books
Tom Weaver, 3 books
Joan Holub, 3 books
Egon Netenjakob, 3 books
Merrill Brockway, 3 books
Ed Joyce, 2 books
Shiga, Nobuo, 2 books
Harald Heide-Steen, 2 books
Jackie Cooper, 2 books
Ridgeway Callow, 2 books
Mats Arehn, 2 books
Polly Whitney, 2 books
Harris M. Lentz, 2 books
René Han, 2 books
Diana Peterfreund, 2 books
Ėlʹdar Ri͡azanov, 2 books
Thomas Riggs, 2 books
Joshua Kondek, 2 books


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