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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elaine Magee, 8 books
Stephen Terrass, 3 books
Gloria Sanjuán, 3 books
Jorge Sintes Pros, 2 books
May Ana, 2 books
Sarah Brewer, 2 books
Helen Foster, 1 book
Chris Prentiss, 1 book
Laura J. Stevens, 1 book
Vicki Edgson, 1 book
Nicholas Perricone, 1 book
Simon Smith, 1 book
Angelika Ilies, 1 book
Lucrecia Zurdo, 1 book
Alberto E. J. Cormillot, 1 book
Art Ginsburg, 1 book
Gary Null, 1 book
Nicole Johnson, 1 book
Peter D'Adamo, 1 book
Catherine Whitney, 1 book
Bruce Fife, 1 book
Cherie Calbom, 1 book
Sandra L. Woodruff, 1 book
Anna Selby, 1 book
Gabriel Cousens, 1 book


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