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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Christian Feldmann, 4 books
Rita Haub, 4 books
Wilhelm Baum, 4 books
Bardo Weiss, 3 books
Martin Hailer, 3 books
Andreas Odenthal, 3 books
Eilert Herms, 3 books
Traugott Koch, 3 books
Kurt Anglet, 3 books
Arnold Angenendt, 2 books
Christoph Markschies, 2 books
Peter Dinzelbacher, 2 books
Hubertus Mynarek, 2 books
Joseph Overath, 2 books
Horst Herrmann, 2 books
Andreas Englisch, 2 books
Thomas Brechenmacher, 2 books
Jean-Pierre Torrell, 2 books
Otto Kaiser, 2 books
Friedrich Schorlemmer, 2 books
Franz Wehrl, 2 books
Georg Gresser, 2 books
Daria Barow-Vassilevitch, 2 books
Leo Scheffczyk, 2 books
Walter Simonis, 2 books


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