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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Euripides, 11 books
William Shakespeare, 7 books
Callimachus., 4 books
Anne G. Ward, 3 books
Giovanni Boccaccio, 3 books
Mary Renault, 3 books
Scott R. Welvaert, 2 books
Shelagh Canning, 2 books
Kathleen Tracy, 2 books
Geraldine McCaughrean, 2 books
Nikos Kazantzakis, 2 books
Giōrgos Tsoukalas, 2 books
Marina Valcarenghi, 2 books
Lucette Mouline, 1 book
Jean Lipman, 1 book
Catherine Storr, 1 book
Paul Jacobsthal, 1 book
Lindsay, Jack, 1 book
Gary Jeffrey, 1 book
Adam McKeown, 1 book
James Evelyn Ford, 1 book
Hugh Lupton, 1 book
Jeff Limke, 1 book
Peter Bollinger, 1 book
Herta Snell, 1 book


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