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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Colin Platt, 10 books
Coulton, G. G., 8 books
R. H. Britnell, 8 books
Davis, Norman, 7 books
John Foxe, 6 books
Maurice Hugh Keen, 6 books
Salzman, L. F., 6 books
Reginald Pecock, 5 books
Barbara Hanawalt, 5 books
Margaret Frazer, 5 books
Christopher Harper-Bill, 5 books
Joel Thomas Rosenthal, 5 books
W. W. Capes, 4 books
Alys Clare, 4 books
B. M. S. Campbell, 4 books
Hicks, M. A., 4 books
Anthony Musson, 4 books
Peter R. Coss, 4 books
David Alban Hinton, 4 books
Derek Brewer, 4 books
Michael Prestwich, 4 books
Charles Derek Ross, 4 books
Nigel Saul, 4 books
Christopher Dyer, 4 books
W. M. Ormrod, 4 books


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