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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
China., 12 books
Yan Zhang, 5 books
Liang, Qichao, 5 books
Xueqin Cao, 5 books
Feng, Tianyu, 4 books
Zhongguo guo jia tu shu guan, 4 books
Hosea Ballou Morse, 4 books
Yuxing Zhou, 4 books
Yuan Zhao, 4 books
Liu, Yan, 3 books
Wang, Ermin., 3 books
Pak, Chi-wŏn, 3 books
V. I͡A Sidikhmenov, 3 books
Hongming Gu, 3 books
Wenhai Li, 3 books
Yanjing Sun, 3 books
Jiaju Liu, 3 books
Chi-wŏn Pak, 3 books
Chung-ha Yi, 3 books
Ning Zhou, 3 books
Rigen Wang, 3 books
Jinʼichi Yano, 3 books
Takao Toyoda, 3 books
Ying Zhu, 3 books
Bizhen Xie, 3 books


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