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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kamel Bouchama, 5 books
Charles Robert Ageron, 4 books
Benjamin Stora, 4 books
Khaled Nezzar, 3 books
Arthur Doucy, 2 books
Aḥmad Marāḥ, 2 books
Malika Mokeddem, 2 books
Hassan., 2 books
Saïd Sadi, 2 books
Naaman Kessous, 2 books
ʻUmar Bin Qaynah, 2 books
M-Ali Haroun, 1 book
Ahmad Ben Bella, 1 book
Muḥammad Miflāḥ, 1 book
Tayeb Saïd-Amer, 1 book
Catherine Simon, 1 book
Mohamed Boudiba, 1 book
Lounis Aggoun, 1 book
Evans, Martin, 1 book
Joseph Durand, 1 book
Wassyla Tamzali, 1 book
Mansour Abrous, 1 book
Roger Mas, 1 book
Chantal Molinès, 1 book
Mohamed Zerguini, 1 book


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