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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacques Gernet, 6 books
Zhu, Xi, 6 books
Hiroshi Sōda, 4 books
Luo, Guang, 3 books
Stephen H. West, 3 books
Baoliang Chen, 3 books
Manjuan Zhang, 3 books
Patricia Buckley Ebrey, 3 books
Rigen Wang, 3 books
Xiaofan Fu, 3 books
Lai Chen, 3 books
James T. C. Liu, 2 books
Lu, Jiuyuan, 2 books
Qianlong Emperor of China, 2 books
Timothy Brook, 2 books
Craig Clunas, 2 books
Wei Yang, 2 books
Bettine Birge, 2 books
Peter K. Bol, 2 books
Chun-shu Chang, 2 books
Kil-lak Kim, 2 books
Fanglu Cai, 2 books
Dejin Song, 2 books
Linsheng Zhang, 2 books
Hui Hou, 2 books


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